Classic Uplifitng Vol.1

    Classic Uplifitng Vol.1

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    If you are looking for a boost of inspiration and/or a way of learning trance production faster, this Uplifting Trance Template For Cubase, FL Studio, and Ableton is what you’ve been looking for.
    You just get four templates that contain fully uplifting sounds inspired by Sean Tyas, Thomas Bronzwaer, or Dave202 styles.
    Except that, 40 midi melodies created by me, you can use it in your own productions as well. Every midi melodies have suggestions for using spire presets.

    Pack Contents:

    • 40 midi files
    • 4 Project Files
    • 19 Spire Presets
    • 100% Royalty-Free

    The Project Work With:

    • Cubase v5.1 (or higher) 
    • FL Studio v20.1.1 (or higher)
    • Ableton Live v9.7 (or higher)

    Software Requirements:

    • Spire v1.1.14 (or higher)
    • LFOTool v1.6.9.2 (or higher) CUBASE ONLY
    • FabFilter Pro-Q v2.0 (or higher) CUBASE ONLY

      Total Number Of Files:

      • 100
      • 155 MB

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