I'm Michał Ostafin, OST Audio founder. I'm a music producer and sound designer. I released my first song in 2010. I started as a trance producer with with many successes like featuring in Armin Van Buuren radio. 

Later i started creating music independently and for commercials and video games, but I was always more drawn to sound design. I started developing in this direction learning newer techniques and gaining experience. In 2018 i created OST Audio.


We have achieved a lot over the years. Our products are used by producers from all over the world, we cooperate with brands such as Loopmasters, Landr, ADSR and more. in 2020 we were awarded as the best label of the year according to ADSR. OST Audio is not a label. We do not release products created by people outside our team. Everything we do is created by my small but very talented team. 

Community is very important to us. Our YouTube channel  boasts 8,000 subscriptions. We also have a highly selected and well-kept mailing list of 15,000 people. We have also recently launched content on TikTok, our videos generate up to 100k views.



This is not the only thing that drives OST Audio. Michał is a content creator and as influencer had collaborations with such brands as Ableton, Logitech, Landr Oeksounds and more. Michal is Ableton partner. His channel have 11k followers and Discord server 1,5k music producers. Also Mr. Card with his YouTube channel attracts hundreds of people. All this means that our store is constantly developing and we are gaining more and more customers.



But the most important thing is a sound. We all are a full time sound designer. New sounds are created every day, each of us is constantly evolving and we do everything in our power to provide the highest quality materials to producers around the world.








Michał Ostafin: OST Audio CEO,  Ableton partner, author of video game soundtracks, sound designer,  10 years of experience in music production. Influencer
Piotr Kardas: Author of books "Homerecording" series, studio recording expert, analog synthesizers lover, Mr. Card video content creator, 15 years of experience in a recording studio. Konrad Celiński: Music producer for 15 years, releases music in Monstercat, New Retro Wave, specializes in retro sounds with a modern twist; Cyberpunk, Darksynth, Synthwave.