About us

Michal Ostafin

Founder and CEO of OST Audio. He started in the music industry as a trance producer. Now a music producer under alians “Mike Ost” mainly known from the vlogs of Krzysztof Gonciarz and the Astral Throb channel. He also performs services such as mixing, mastering co-productions, beat making, creating sounds and music for games, and of course, is a producer of OST Audio content.



Konrad Celiński

Konrad is a music producer with vast experience. He releases music as a Subformat on labels such as “Monstercat” and he also works independently as Konrad Celiński where he publishes Syntwhave, Dakrsynth, Cyberpunk and similar music, you can find it on channels like “New Retro Wave”
Of course, he is also a producer at OST Audio and is the creator of many amazing packages.



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