Amazing Vital

    Amazing Vital

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    Vital is really amazing and powerful synth (one of my favorites at the moment) Even though it's free, you don't lose anything in terms of quality. 
    It works great for retro sounds and I had a lot of fun creating these sounds. I think this is the best soundbank I have ever made.
    The is no way you find duplicate sounds or presets that sound very similar to each other. You get the highest quality soundbank, each sound was created with attention to the smallest detail using my own waveforms and also ones that are reproductions from old synthesizers.
    Noise captured from old Cassette/VHS players from the 80s

    Also, I used my own recording cassette tape player and VHS player from the 80s to get real noises. That is why this soundbank is unique. 
    As a bonus: 6 project files heard in the demo for your DAW. If your DAW is not on a list, don’t worry, all samples, midis, and used presets are also included so you can easily re-create every track. 
    Unique Waveform. recreated from analog synths from 80s
    Pack Contents:
    • 80 Vital Presets
    • 5 Wavetables
    • 10 Samples for SMP (Noisees)
    • 6 Project files (heard in demo) for Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro, and Studio One.
    • 20 WAV samples
    • 30 Midis
    Total Number Of Files:
    • 151
    • 1,2 GB
    • 100% Royalty-Free
    Software Requirements:
    • Vital (Free)
    • OTT (Free)



      Example presets


      Amazing Serum


      Synthwave Collection 4.0


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