Future Trance Basslines Vol.2 – Bassline in trance music is one of the most important elements. Make sure your bassline is well mixed and matches today’s trends.

3 Templates for 3 DAW; Ableton, Cubase & FL Studio. From progressive to uplifting, everything in modern trance style. Every project is unique and well organized to easily learn. Content is 100% Royalty-Free so you can use any element from these projects in your own production or use it as a base.

What inside

• 3 Ableton Project files
• 3 Cubase Project files
• 3 FL Studio Project files
• All presets and Midi added to separate folders
• Minimum CPU usage
• 100% Royalty-Free

Used VST:

Ableton or Cubase or FL Studio
LFO Tool
FabFilter Pro Q2 (Only Cubase)

choose your dawn