Hardstyle By Hatom

    Hardstyle By Hatom

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    OST Audio invited Hatom to show us his skills in creating hardstyle. He doesn’t use any external VST so all you need is Ableton!

    Haltom is one of the best hardstyle producers these days. He produces a full arrangement hardstyle track in a modern style of this genre. If you want to learn Hardstyle, this is the right guy to help you with that. Learn from the best!

    Everything was designed, mixed & mastered with Ableton plugins only; You can see exactly how every single sound was made with full processing;

    This project has PRO Mixing and PRO mastering included; This project needs minimum CPU power.


    Pack Contents:

    • Ableton Project file
    • Full arrangement track
    • No external plugins (only Ableton Stock)
    • Pro Mixing & Sound Design/Processing Included
    • Pro Mastering Included
    • Minimum CPU usage
    • 100% Royalty-Free

    Total Number Of Files:

    • 300
    • 280 MB
    • 100% Royalty-Free

      Project work with:

      • Ableton v10.0.6 (or higher)