I am proud to present to you a revolutionary Template produced by ReOrder.

ReOrder is one of the best trance producers in the world. His music is very energetic and will surely take you into a state of musical euphoria.

He has extensive experience in production and this project is a sacred proof of this. Amazing solutions, attention to detail, perfection, creative ideas are everything you can expect from this project. This project is very well organized and described so that you can easily draw from it.

What inside

⦁ Ableton
⦁ FL Studio
⦁ Cubase
⦁ Logic Pro

What do you need

⦁Ableton Live v10.0.6 or Cubase v5 or FL Studio v20.1.1 or Logic Pro 10.4.4

And Following VST’s:
⦁ Spire v 1.1.13
⦁ Sylenth1 v3
⦁ Massive v1.3
⦁ LFO Tool v1.6 (FL Studio & Cubase Only)
⦁ Arts Acoustic Reverb v1.6 (FL Studio & Cubase Only)
⦁ FabFilter Pro Q v2 (Cubase Only)

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